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Given the crowded dockets of the court system these days, cases may not come to trial for six months or longer. You have the option to select a private judge to preside over your case. As a Private Jurist the parties can choose to have Attorney Marchese sit as a judge on their case.


The conduct of the trial would be the same as if they were at the courthouse. The rules of evidence apply and the same professionalism exists as if in a courtroom. As a private jurist selected by the parties, at the conclusion of the Hearings, Attorney Marchese would make the decisions for the parties. My decisions would be appealable.



After three decades of litigating family law cases of divorce, child custody, paternity, and contested adoption litigation, I have been trying to find a different way to resolve disputes between families when there is a fight over children.


Anthony B. Marchese can help couples come to an agreement through Mediation. He believes that it is healthier for both parties to reach an amicable agreement together than to have a judge to impose a decision on them that neither would like. By allowing the parties to mediate their own disputes each party is empowered with decision-making authority.   


As a mediator, Attorney Marchese tries to find common ground and help the parties come to an agreement together.  It is much better to facilitate negotiations and allow a divorcing couple or disputing parents to come to make their own decisions by coming to an agreement, rather than having a judge impose an outcome on them.


At the Law Office of Anthony B. Marchese, we mediate cases involving family law, child custody, visitation, division and marital property, alimony and support.  We also mediate contested adoptions helping parties who have been entrenched in litigation to find common ground for the sake of the children. 


We help parties reached an agreement together, and do not impose a decision on them.

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