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As a knowledgeable Hillsborough County family law lawyer, Attorney Marchese works with couples to resolve family law and divorce-related issues, including child custody disputes, visitation rights and property distribution. As a Mediator, Attorney Marchese helps couples to come to agreements. We believe it is healthier for both parties to reach an understanding together on matters of custody and property division rather than have a judge impose a decision upon them.


If you’re having problems in your marriage and are contemplating divorce, an objective third party can be helpful. At the Law Office of Anthony B. Marchese, PA, we work with clients to resolve divorce related issues without having to litigate these very personal and emotional issues. Attorney Marchese has always felt that when it comes to dealing with family law matters, that the parties themselves should be able to work out their problems and not have a stranger wearing a robe decide the fate of their family. We work with clients to help them resolve divorce related issues including:


  • Marital Property Distribution

  • Alimony and Child Support matters

  • Child Custody

  • Parental Time-Sharing Arrangements

  • Visitation Rights




Although not part of a divorce, paternity matters have the same type of issues including child custody, shared parental responsibilities, parental time-sharing, and visitation.




Having your name legally changed involves statutory procedures and is limited by court criteria. We will handle the entire process for you and explain to you both the court's requirements for changing your name and your options for proceeding forward.


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