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Meet the Attorney


Anthony B. Marchese


ANTHONY B. MARCHESE, practices law in Tampa as a sole practitioner and is a native to this area. He graduated from Hillsborough High School in 1969 and received a Bachelor degree from the University of Tampa in 1973.


Mr. Marchese received his Doctorate of Jurisprudence from South Texas College of Law in 1979 and has a trial practice consisting of criminal defense and family law and has acted in the capacity of intermediary under the Florida adoption statute for the past 35 years.


Mr. Marchese is licensed to practice in State and Federal Courts and was admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court in 1989. He is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Family Law Mediator and also acts in the capacity of a private Jurist.


He handles criminal defense work and has tried numerous criminal cases including capital cases where he has tried both guilt and innocence phase as well as the life or death phase.


Anthony's practice involves cases literally dealing with life and death and apart from the criminal world, has been involved in cases of first impression in litigating the rights of infant children who are terminally ill and kept alive by life support systems successfully arguing that the infant child has a right through his/her parents, to decide whether the child should be kept alive by artificial means.


He is also a member of the Inaugural Adoption Committee for Board Certification, the Florida Association of Adoption Lawyers, Florida Adoption Council, American Immigration Lawyers Association, the Hillsborough County Bar, and the Hillsborough County Criminal Defense Bar. 


In the capacity of adoptions, Anthony has worked for over 35 years as an Adoption Intermediary and is a Board Certified Adoption Attorney. He has matched over 1,500 adoption placements and has overseen these adoptions to their conclusion of finalizing with the adoptive couple.


Anthony has also has become involved in the unique position of litigating contested adoption disputes. As an advocate for children's rights and attempting to preserve the integrity of adoptions, he has litigated cases to the Florida Supreme Court, arguing novel legal concepts.


Mr. Marchese has been a guest lecturer in the Florida Bar's Continuing Legal Education seminar for attorneys under titles of "Rights of Parties in Private and Independent Adoptions", Florida Adoption Council, and was co-author of the Adoption Chapter in the Florida Bar's Paternity and Other Family Practice manual. He has also been a lecturer for the Continuing Legal Education courses for nurses and social workers through Medical Education Services.


Mr. Marchese is an exceptional speaker and delivers seminars to lawyers and social workers on adoption law and practices in the State of Florida.



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