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Open Letter to Prospective Clients

Dear Ladies and Gentleman:


Hiring an attorney can be a frustrating excursion. It is important to know the lawyer's qualifications and learn about the experience he or she has.


At the Law Office of Anthony B. Marchese, P.A., we have been offering clients experienced, competent, legal services for more than 35 years. Consider us to be your personal tour guides through the surreal, because sometimes conventional notions of logic do not work in the courtroom. Our firm will work with you and explain your options, whether you are facing divorce, having child support or visitation issues, considering adoption, confronting criminal charges, sustained a serious personal injury or seeking immigration assistance.


Let an experienced legal counselor explain our system of justice, the rules of procedure, and the laws of Florida in order to guide you through our system of justice.


Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your matter or to schedule an appointment today.







Anthony B. Marchese

President & CEO

Attorney at Law


Anthony B. Marchese, P.A.

308 E. Oak Avenue, Second Floor

Tampa, FL 33602

Phone: (813) 229-5528

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