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Matching Birth Mothers With Loving Adoptive Parents for 30 Years

Adoption At the law office of Anthony B. Marchese, P.A., I have over 30 years of experience matching pregnant mothers with loving couples that are excited to adopt a baby. I am committed to understanding the unique needs of each client I work with and resolving the matter in your best interest.

I am a Board Certified Adoption Attorney by the Florida Bar, which is the highest level of evaluation by the Supreme Court of Florida. I am also a Fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and a member of the Florida Adoption Council.

Contact a Tampa adoption lawyer who takes the time to understand your needs. Call me to schedule an appointment: 813-229-5528.

Over 1,500 Adoption Placements

In the infant adoption or child adoption process, I serve as the adoption intermediary, facilitating positive conversations between the biological mother and the adopting parents. To date, I have matched over 1,500 adoption placements and oversaw each to its conclusion. I am compassionate about the needs and concerns of clients and am dedicated to helping them through the process efficiently so they can begin building their lives as families.

Assistance for Pregnant Women

At the law office of Anthony B. Marchese, P.A., I help adoptive parents work out an agreement to provide financial assistance and counseling services to the pregnant woman whose child they will adopt. I have a list of parents who are looking to adopt, and when birth mothers or birth parents contact me, I work to find a good match. Often, the adoptive parents are willing to offer money to the birth parents to help them through the pregnancy.

Adoption Litigation

Because I do criminal defense work in addition to adoptions, I have extensive trial experience and necessary courtroom skills. This litigation experience is beneficial to clients whom I represent in litigating contested adoption disputes. I am an advocate for children's rights, and I want to preserve the integrity of adoptions. As a result, I have litigated cases to the Florida Supreme Court.

The law office also provides services to adoptive parents for matching and placement of infants, identified adoptions, interstate adoptions, and stepparent, grandparent and relative adoptions.

Florida Lawyer for Stepparent, Grandparent, and Relative Adoptions

In addition to traditional adoptions, I represent clients in Stepparent adoptions, Grandparent adoptions, and Relative adoptions. Stepparent adoptions provide an opportunity for a Stepparent to adopt his or her stepchild when the other birth parent is not involved. The adoption not only enables the Stepparent to play a more active parenting role by creating a legal relationship, it can also bring the family together as a unit. Grandparent and Relative adoptions enable family members - who often are already caring for and raising a child - to obtain legal rights and obligations often necessary to raise the child when the biological parents are not in the picture.

Striving for Excellence and Professionalism

With over 30 years of experience, I have a thorough understanding of adoptions. Please do not hesitate to call me with any legal questions on the matter. I never guarantee results to my clients, but I promise to provide competent legal service and dedication to your cause.

To schedule your appointment, please contact me or call 813-229-5528.

AAAAThe Florida Bar Board Certified Adoption